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What Can Land Perc Do for Me?

Land Perc can assure accuracy in the areas of:

  • Completing the application and system specification sheet properly the first time.
  • Eliminating additional information letters and hold-ups, which will save you time.
  • Providing accurate soil analysis and necessary soil corrections.
  • Saving you money in unnecessary dig outs.
  • Performing accurate field inspections.
  • Labeling all required information on the site plan, including the neighbor’s adjacent wells and septic system.

Our turn around time is at one week from receiving all necessary information on your lot. We will provide you with the following:

  • The application and system specification sheets (DOH Forms 4015/4016)
  • System profile sheet
  • Soil correction sheet
  • The site plan
  • Direction to each site
  • Floor plan
  • Survey

We look forward to working with you in meeting your septic design and soil analysis needs.

Our Process

How long will the process take and how much does each site cost?

  • One week after we receive all necessary information
  • Call for county by county pricing
  • We deliver to your door

What necessary information do you need?

  • Our Order Form is detailed and quick to fill out
  • Address
  • Floor plan
  • Survey and floor plan my be faxed

What will Land Perc provide to you?

  • Site plan
  • Soil corrections sheet
  • The application and system specifications sheets (DH Forms 4015/4016)
  • System profile sheet
  • Drainage plan
  • Directions to each site
  • **We will provide you with the completed Health Department application, which will only require you to sign it and turn it in.**

What if revisions are necessary?

  • Revisions are minimal in cost and completed within one to three business days

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