Originally from Long Island, NY but raised outside of Burlington, VT is where Chris’ love for the outdoors grew. After venturing to Bradenton, FL to attend the Nick Bollitieri’s Tennis Academy at IMG for full time for a year. Chris enrolled at Southeastern University located in Lakeland, FL where he met his wife, Niza and made the decision to stay in the area.

Alongside his wife, Chris has a daughter Sofia, and their Husky Pirlo. At Land Perc, Chris is the General Manager, where his responsibilities lie in making sure the business runs smoothly and efficiently. He is also accountable for the reviewing of every site plan that in designed and implementing processes that he believes will allow the business to continue growing.

As a workplace, Chris believes that Land Perc is second to none. Noting that there are challenges every day, but it is through those challenges that help a small business grow and constantly learn.

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